Roadtrip Day 1

by nmj17

I went on a 9-day roadtrip to the South Island from 2-10 July.

On 2nd July, Wednesday, I skyped with best friend for a while before getting ready to go outto catch the 6am flight to Christchurch. I couldn’t sleep so I think it would be better to talk with her. I was kinda anxious since it was my first roadtrip with 3 other people and I was kinda just rambling on and on about how I’m worried about the people I’m travelling with and the backpacker hostels I’ll be staying at. So thanks Maryam for listening to me rambling.

Fast forward to 9am, my 2 friends (Jing and Joscelyn) and I arrived at Christchurch airport and were picked up by the shuttle bus from the car rental company. We had to show our driving license, sign a couple of papers and learn how to fit a snow chain on tyres. It’s required to use snow chains when there’s thick snow on roads and when you’re passing certain roads in NZ.

I have never driven an automatic hatchback before and on New Zealand roads for that matter, so I kinda left Joscelyn with no choice but to be the first to drive through Christchurch.

Jing and Joscelyn had breakfast in one of the cafes there and then we went shopping. I bought a fleece jacket and a windbreaker just in case the weather in South Island gets too crazy.

Then we went to the Botanic Gardens and drove 2 hours to Akaroa, a French town east of Christchurch. It’s a charming town by the seaside with lots of quaint cafes and fisheries, but it was raining heavily when we arrived. And then it hailed soon after so I felt like it was not worth it to spend 2 hours to drive there only to be stuck with bad weather.

We returned to Christchurch around 7pm. I felt more confident of driving so after we had dinner, I offered to drive all the way to the hostel in Fairlie.

Driving an auto car wasn’t that hard after my friend reminded me not to use the left leg at all. Also, the traffic wasn’t that heavy so I didn’t get too stressed when I tried to drive for the first time in the roads here.