Roadtrip Day 3

by nmj17

it’s been a while I’m so sorry. :/

For the third day of the roadtrip, we made our way from Taylor-made backpackers hostel to Oamaru. We walked around the town and looked at the old historic buildings. My friends had lunch in one of the nice restaurants there (I had to sit and watch them eat really fancy and good-looking fish and chips) and then we booked tickets to see the blue penguins.

Around 3pm, we went to one of the beaches in Oamaru to see the yellow-eyed penguins. There access to the beach but there were signs discouraging people from going down there so as not to scare the penguins off. We had to wait on top of a cliff and try to keep quiet while looking out for the penguins. After waiting for half an hour we finally sighted the first penguin who and got all excited.

Around 5pm we then went to Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony to see the blue penguins come out of the seawater to nest for the night. Then we drove all the way to Dunedin.