Roadtrip Day 5

by nmj17

We woke up early in the morning to catch a ferry ride to Doubtful Sound. We first had to take that ferry to a place somewhere to be transferred to a bus. The bus first took us to a generator plant where they made use of the steep incline of the river to generate electricity for the New Zealanders living in that area, and then it took us to the cruise. This cruise took us through the whole Doubtful Sound and back.

We sat on the deck almost all the time and braved the chilly winds. Despite it being freezing cold, sitting on the deck allows you to see stuff that people sitting indoors will miss out, like seeing a pod of dolphins swimming, and seals sunbathing, in their natural habitat.

We then drove back to Lake Tekapo. I wish I was travelling with friends who owned those huge-ass DSLR cameras and who can actually take nice photos because the ones I took and the ones my friend took for me can’t do the place justice.

I was just so amazed by the views, and I’m just… thankful.