Roadtrip Day 7

by nmj17

My friends and I went to white-water raft at Kawarau River. Before we started rafting, the instructor told us the safety instructions before we entered the river. On the river, the instructor tried to make small talk by asking the names of everyone in his raft.

“So, what’s your name?”

“It’s Nabilah.”

“What’s the meaning of your name?”

“It means noble in Arabic.”

“Wow, snowball? Cool.”

“Huh? No…”

There were 7 people in the raft. The instructor, my 3 friends and I, and an Australian couple. The Australian couple told us a list of all the awesome deadly animals that they could find in their backyard. After which they insisted that their country is a really nice place to live in and that we should go and visit it sometime in the future to have a look at how beautiful the place is ourselves.

The river was generally calm. There were only 2 points in the river where there was a slight incline and a fall. I imagined myself getting flung out of the raft a couple of times but that didn’t happen at all, to my dismay. At the end of the rafting adventure, my wetsuit was still dry.

We then took a shuttle bus back to the place where we first picked up our wetsuits. We then walked around Queenstown and bought dinner.