Roadtrip Day 9

by nmj17

So… It’s the end of the roadtrip. My friends and I spent the morning walking around Queenstown. And then they went up on a cable car to the highest point in the town while I drove around.

I drove around town and saw that there are actually camping grounds and trailer parks where you can just camp under the stars for free or sleep in your car/trailer and use the toilets/facilities provided. Maybe one day when I’m feeling adventurous, I’d like to go on a roadtrip where I don’t crash in hostels but sleep in tents instead.

When they’re done, we went all the way to the car drop-off area near Queenstown. They checked the car and then once we got the thumbs up we went to the airport. 

It was hard to believe that the roadtrip I’ve been looking forward to has ended but I’m just happy I’ll get to go home and sleep in my bed.

When we arrived at the Auckland airport terminal, Jing, Jocelyn and I looked out for the van that would bring us back to our homes. We only paid around $15 to have someone drop us and our luggages right at our doorsteps. It’s super convenient. Plus, the fares can get even cheaper when you share the van with more people.

In the van, Jing and I discussed about whether our 2 next flatmates for the semester are already in our flats or not. (Just to clarify things, Jing and I are staying in PSV for the whole year. Every semester, we’ll be paired up with 2 other exchange students. At the end of the first semester, we had to say goodbye to our 2 flatmates from US and now that the second semester will start off soon, there’s a chance that our new flatmates might be there in our flats already while we were away.)

We were really apprehensive about how our flatmates would be like. Wouldn’t you feel apprehensive too if you don’t know who you’ll have to end up living with for the next few months? I don’t really have high standards of how my flatmates should be like – they can do whatever they want and I’ll be chill – but I secretly hoped that they’ll be nice, kind, open-minded, and that they’ll be able to… pick up after themselves. :D

Jing told me that she’s so tired that once she reaches the flat, she’s gonna go and sleep. I told her that I’d do the same too, right after I’m done dealing with the pile of dirty clothes in my luggage.

Once Jing and I entered our flat, we met the first flatmate. Her name’s Elise and she’s from Norway. I’ve heard that Norwegians are a shy bunch of people and I got the vibe that she’s kinda nervous when she saw us. In her head she might’ve said something like, “Damn, I’m sharing this house with these two Asians. I wonder how living with these two creepy looking people must be like, sigh…”

We chatted for a bit. Apparently she wanted to go and sign up for a telephone line so Jing showed her how to get to the telephone stores on a map.

And then i remembered the first time I arrived there, Jing did the same for me too – she told me the name of the street where i can find Countdown – but I didn’t manage to find it. It took me about 3 different trips around Newmarket to figure out where things are and where Countdown is before I can finally figure out that it was actually located in a certain shopping mall.

So I offered to show Elise where to find a telephone store and, most importantly, where to find Countdown. It might be too early to tell but I have a feeling that she’ll be a nice person to live with.