Things that say a lot about people

by nmj17

Bestfriend saw this post (which lists down the things that apparently say a lot about people) and then asked me on what they DO say about people. The bolded points are the things that have been listed, and the comments that follow them are… my comments.

Things that say a lot about people:

1) The way which they treat the waiter/waitress

You can tell a lot about someone’s character by the way they treat someone who is not in a position to retaliate or reciprocate. Someone who treats waiters/waitresses differently from how they would treat a person that has a position of power are losers basically.

2) How they feel about the weather

Have you ever been stuck with a friend who keeps on complaining about the weather no matter how it’s like? They’ll complain it’s too hot when there’s sun and then moodily sulk when it’s raining. How about a friend who’s so optimistic that the rain would let up soon even after being stuck in heavy downpour for ages? Just make a general comment about the weather and the response you hear from them is a good indicator of what kind of person they are.

3) Whether they dog ear pages or highlight in books

This usually indicates how well a person treats their possessions? I don’t care what you do to your own books but we’re gonna have a problem if you mess with my books and the public libraries’ books. I don’t understand why you would dog ear pages or annotate directly onto a book when there are bookmarks and stick-it notes for that. On a side note, for the longest time I used to bear a deep hatred for the people who breaks the spines of the books I lent them. I’ve learnt to forgive them now.

4) Fingernails and hands in general

A person’s fingernails generally indicate the amount of care they have for their own personal hygiene and grooming. You would definitely doubt the hygiene level of people with dirty, crusty ass fingernails. They can also indicate the amount of common sense a person has. Just observe how people who choose to keep long fingernails struggle to type texts on their smartphones, then judge their level of common-sense and practicality.

Hands can tell a lot about a person. Rough hands may indicate that the person does a lot of heavy labour. Or that the person doesn’t care about the importance of moisturising their hands. Bandaged hands and hands with lots of cuts/bruises may indicate that the person is really sporty… Or careless. Hands with carpal tunnel may belong to those workaholics who sit in front of the computer far too long.

5) Their preferred creative outlet

Obvious tell tale signs that someone likes to paint and draw? They actually paint and draw in their spare time.

Obvious tell tale signs that someone enjoys music? They play a musical instrument during their free time.

Obvious tell tale signs that someone loves to write? They write stories, poetry, prose, or… fanfiction.

6) How much they dread/enjoy talking on the phone

You can definitely tell who’s an extrovert or introvert by the way they handle phone calls.

On a side note, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the fast food companies for allowing me to order food online. Long gone are the scary days where I need to rehearse what to say before actually picking up the receiver to order that damn pizza.

7) Whether or not they drink coffee

Hmm… Let me see. For some people (like me), the sudden addition of caffeinated drinks to their diet is usually a sign of poor work ethic coupled with high desperation levels to pass an upcoming exam.

8) If they ever forget to eat

When someone forgets to eat, you know it’s because they’re either highly depressed or too busy trying to finish a paper due the next day. Based on personal experiences, I think it’s more of a combination of the two.

9) How honest they are with themselves (and others)

This obviously indicates how important honesty is to the person. If you happen to discover a dishonest friend, please do yourself a favour and run as far as you can.

10) If they correct your grammar

People who correct your grammar can either be:

1) annoying condescending elitist douchebags
2) self-proclaimed prescriptive linguists who feel like it’s their responsibility to correct other people’s grammatical errors
3) people who care a lot about you and would love to improve the way you use language.

Have fun figuring out which category your grammar nazi friend belongs to.

11) And whether or not they get nervous before haircuts

People who get nervous before haircuts may be people who are afraid of change? Or maybe they’re just one of those people who are really self-conscious about their appearance.

So, what do you think? Can you tell a lot about a person through some of the things listed here?