by nmj17

I lost my brother in 2006. I was thirteen back then but I’m not even sure about how I felt about his death in the first place to discuss much about it. The first few days after his death, I remember feeling sad but I don’t remember grieving as much as the rest of my family did. My dad didn’t say anything but sometimes I can hear him crying in his prayers. I saw my mum cry too. She cried a lot, didn’t eat or sleep much, and barely talked to anyone in the following weeks. It seems that she took the longest time to adjust to the fact that my brother’s gone. My parents were hurting so much more than I did, and I felt helpless because I did not know how to comfort them; to see your loved ones grieve over someone is heartbreaking.

I saw my parents deal with their grief in different ways over the years. It seems like they’re doing fine now but only god knows what they feel like when they think of my brother.

I still can’t understand the pain that they’ve experienced and neither will I understand yours, but do know that I’m here.