by nmj17

I’m having trouble sorting out my timetable for next year. I’m planning to major in French as well but I have so many timetable clashes. It’s not funny how the French courses that I want to take clash with each other…

French department, why u do this to me?

In other news I’m now on summer break. I’ve downloaded a couple of books but I haven’t gotten around to reading them yet.

The only person that I can hang out with here has gone back to spend their summer break in Singapore. It’s pretty boring when you don’t have that many close friends to hang out with. I can’t wait till Maryam and Mais comes here. We’ve sorted out the car, accommodation but we’ve yet to decide on the activities that we want to do. I’m still having doubts about going bungy jumping. I can imagine myself spending hours standing by the ledge and having to be coaxed to just jump down.